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Star TribuneKicked In The Head, For Real
For Paul Cram... the actor's life has come with a fair share of lacerations, bruises and other physical injuries.
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BackstageKick To The Head
I seem destined to be that actor that gets pummeled, kicked, and bruised every time I try to do a stunt. But why?
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Star Tribune Logo Star Tribune
"Paul Cram is physically (and psychically, it seems) perfect for the part..." -Graydon Royce, Theater Critic.
Star Tribune Review

City Pages City Pages
"Paul Cram gives a terrifying deer-in-the-headlights look that seems, at least for a moment, like it will last forever." -John Behling, Movie Critic,
Review of indie film "Unhinged"

Paul Cram in the Pioneer PressPioneer Press
Paul Cram will be among the glitterati tonight at the midnight premiere of "Intermedio," a horror movie in which he appears. Cram, a Wyoming, Minn., native, appears alongside Edward Furlong
Pioneer Press Article

Minnesota Monthly
The talent associated with this show is spooky. Literally. Paul Cram, one of the leads, has recently and unexpectedly made a remarkable career...and hey, he’s not about to run from fortune
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Minnewood Paul Cram Minnewood
Whenever Paul Cram hops state lines, something interesting happens. No, he doesn't suddenly find himself hounded by a psychotic truck driver or picking up a supernatural hitchhiker...
Minnewood Interview

Cillian Murphy CillianSite.com
Fan website for London based Cillian Murphy, interviewed Paul about his role of Kenny in the drama Peacock that has Cillian Murphy, Ellen Paige, Susan Sarandon & Bill Pullman. Movie Interview

Paul Cram interview with Hack Slash Dead Interviewed by Scream Queen Rachel Grubb
"Truth is, I get queasy at the sight of other’s blood. Hard-core fans like yourself may consider me a wimp, but it’s in my genes. My dad nearly blacked out when my older brother was born, too much blood."...
HackSlashDead Interview

Paul Cram in the Forest Lake TimesForest Lake Times
Paul Cram plays the role of abused teenager ZEE in the supernatural thriller film "Intermedio" alongside a star studded cast including Edward Furlong
Forest Lake Times Article

Where the Long Tail EndsWhere the Long Tail Ends
"Though Mark’s limited range is counter balanced by Paul Cram who plays Colin, the skeevy friend who has eyes for Sasha... It’s a great role, and Cram nails it." Long Tail Ends Review

Paul Cram in Forest Lake PressForest Lake Press
Paul Cram lands work in Hollywood. Paul Cram will be in Los Angeles for the next few weeks with acting plans into the summer.
Forest Lake Press Article

Paul Cram in the Forest Lake Times Forest Lake Times
Paul Cram Reaches Coast to Coast. Paul Cram worked in films around the nation. Traveling to Boston...
Forest Lake Times Article

Horror Movie Show
Was a guest on The Horror Movie Show "Kitschy Take On Aliens."
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Night of the Living PodcastHorror Movie Show
Was a guest on The Horror Movie Show "Kitschy Take On Aliens."
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Interviews, Guest Appearances, & Articles of Actor Paul Cram

Backstage asked Paul about his Stunt-gone-wrong experiences working on indie movies.
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Daily Actor.com
Posted an article by Paul "5 Best Tips to Get Cast Again & Again by the Same Director"
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Paul Cram on YouTubeYouTube.com
Additional videos of Paul Cram are online. View Paul's YouTube video channel.

Screen Magazine

Asked me for tips on turning indie film directors from novice to pro.
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Horror Movie Show
Was a guest on The Horror Movie Show podcast "Kitschy Take On Aliens" Listen to Horror Show

Daily Actor.com
4 Ways to Get Cast Without Improving Your Acting
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