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Paul Cram Red Box

Red Box Interviewed Paul Cram

Cram’s story is a great primer for anyone interested in getting into film acting from outside Hollywood—and also a cool look into what movie making is like for a day-to-day working actor.
We’re chatting with friend of redblog, indie-film actor Paul Cram, who has three lines in one scene as Kenny the General Store Clerk in the film Peacock!
Peacock is a darkly lyrical indie film starring Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins, Red Eye, Sunshine), Susan Sarandon and Ellen Page (Juno), Peacock is set in ‘50s Nebraska (but filmed in my beloved Iowa). It’s a low-key psychological thriller about the secrets of identity and control that are unearthed when a runaway train barrels into the middle of a small town.
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Paul Cram Backstage  

Backstage “A Kick To The Head”

My first experience with this kind of actor happened in Des Moines, Iowa. I was playing a Meth addict who gets the crap kicked out of him. 
It started simply: I'm on the floor. My fellow actor is straddling me, holding a gun in his palm. In the scene, his character is supposed to pistol-whip my face.
It went splendidly during the rehearsal. Once, twice, three times.  The crew settles in, camera rolls, clapboard snaps, and the director yells "Action!"
The actor begins fake-whacking my cheek, and I act like it is slamming against my head. So far so good. Then I see the actor's eyes narrow, and he starts whacking the cold steel to my cheek—for real.
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